4 Italian cities in 5 days? It’s possible!

I’m just gonna say it. Italian food is my favorite! I can eat pasta and pizza all day every day. Carbs, carbs, carbs, and then some tomato sauce and cheese. All I need! So yup, I love Italy. I’ve been there a few times in different places. I even went to Milan 2 times already. 1 time just to visit the city itself for a few days. And I loved it! So I decided to go back. But this second time, I used it as a base. And I visited a few other cities.

1st day: Milan

Like I already said, I already did a dedicated trip to Milan. So I could start my first day quite chill. Did some site seeing, some shopping (yay sales!), and of course ate some very good food. And the best ice cream in the world! Besides eating ice cream, there is one thing you MUST do in Milan: aperitivo. You pay more for your drinks, but you get delicious food for free. It depends on which place you go. But it’s mostly between 6 PM and 8 PM. We closed the day with a delicious cocktail at the Navigli neighborhood. Just beware of the mosquitos!

Curious where to find the best aperitivo, most delicious ice cream, or the coolest spots in Milan? Here you go! (coming soon)

Shakespeare’s Verona

Getting up at 7.15 am on a holiday? Yup, it takes a bit of effort to city hop. Luckily the train ride doesn’t take long and is quite cheap. Off to Verona! The city of Romeo & Juliet. Not sure if they had breakfast at Dulcamara. But we did! And it was delicious. Another must-see? The Colosseum. It’s even older than the one in Rome! For the rest of the day we walked around is this cute city, saw Juliet’s balcony and ate Verona’s typical dish: risotto all-amarone. Yummmm.

Here you find a more detailed description on how to spend one day in this romantic city. (coming soon)

Trying to spot George Clooney at Lake Como & Bellagio

The train from Milan to the small city of Como doesn’t take long. And you immediately get a wonderful view on lake Como! But I read that George Clooney has a house in another Lake Como village: Bellagio. So we took a boat to do some George-spotting. Didn’t find him, but saw some pretty views, colorful sceneries, ate pasta and ice cream of course, and even went swimming in the lake!

Up for a day trip to lake Como and Bellagio? Here are a few tips! (coming soon)

Another day, another lake: Lake Garda

We loved lake Como so much, so we wanted to see those other famous Italian waters. Lake Garda! We took a train to Desenzano del Garda. I admit, I drank 3 espresso’s. But I regret nothing. I needed it though! We walked a lot and spent 2 hours on a pedalo. Okay, it was quite relaxing. But still, you need the energy to absorb all the food! And for swimming in the lake. So chill!

A day at lake Garda? Here’s how to spend it wisely! (coming soon)

Extra tips:

  • Want to visit all these cities but don’t want the hassle of constantly packing and sleeping in other places? Take Milan as a base!
  • Milan has a big central station and trains take you to each of these cities in less than 2 hours. And it’s not expensive!
  • The trains we’ve been in, we’re also very comfortable. But do book in advance! A day before is enough. Definitely download the app, so handy!
  • You’ll need at least 2 days to visit Milan. And 1 day for each city separately. So if you count the hours you need for your day of arrival and departure, I’d say the ideal length for this trip is 6 or 7 days!

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